Success Stories of NCDR

Since its inception in 2007, NCDR has resolved disputes worth US Dollars 37.81 Million. Despite a challenging environment, mediation today is recognized (both nationally and internationally) as an effective mechanism to resolve long-pending disputes. Our success stories are diverse, with our portfolio including banking disputes, labour / employee disputes, large corporations, trading houses, family disputes, intellectual property, partnership and tenancy, to name a few.

With around a seventy (70%) percent success rate in mediating settlements, NCDR has so far released around PKR 2 Billion worth of funds / assets caught up in litigation / disputes.

Some of our success stories are mentioned below:


A 24-year-long dispute between a bank and an insurance company was successfully resolved by NCDR. The dispute was regarding the refund of a security deposit and the cost of fixtures and furniture. Only three (03) mediation sessions, lasting a total of 12 hours, helped to settle the matter. The case was referred to the Centre by the Sindh High Court.


Two companies were tied up in a strenuous litigation battle in the District Courts, since the past twenty-two (22) years. The case concerns intellectual property. After a referral from the court, the parties agreed to try mediation at the NCDR. The defendants had been using a word registered by the plaintiffs as their trademark. After only two (02) mediation sessions, the parties came to a mutual agreement benefiting both sides.


A civil suit in connection with a non-payment of bills, for which professional services had been rendered and for the recovery of PKR 150,000/- had been pending in the courts for 3 years before they came to NCDR for a solution. Initially the mediation was unsuccessful but later parties settled. The decisive factor for the parties to settle was that a lot of time had been consumed in litigation.


An employee was caught in a dispute with their bank for over a year. One of the disputes was referred to the NCDR by the courts. Both the cases were brought before the mediators. The disputes pertained to the dismissal from service of the employee and the other to the non-release of property documents by the bank, on account of non-payment of dues by the employee. After only two sessions, compromise was reached on one of the issues and both parties left willing to sort out of the rest on their own.


A family suit for recovery of maintenance for four (04) children and recovery of dower was being dragged within the courts for the past four (04) years. After two (02) short sessions of mediation, the matter was settled by the mediators and the parties left satisfied by the outcome.


A suit for recovery of finances was brought by a bank against a customer who had defaulted on his credit card bills. The case had been going on for three (03) years. A mediator appointed by the NCDR helped work out the matter within just eight (08) hours, and successfully recovered the money.


Two leading educational institutes had been embroiled in a Trademarks and copyright suit for two (02) years. The lawsuit was referred by the court to NCDR. With the help of a mediator, the issue was resolved in merely three (03) sessions, and the parties mutually agreed to enter into a compromise agreement.


A private limited company was embroiled in a civil suit arising due to the distribution of shares amongst family members. The suit was for recovery, declaration, mandatory and permanent injunction; as well as judicial miscellaneous application for “Rectification of Register”. Litigation had been going on for two (02) years. With the help of expert mediators at NCDR, some of the issues linked were resolved and the parties left. As mediation acted as an ice breaker between the parties, they were able to resolve the rest of the issues amongst themselves with the help of their lawyers in the following two (02) months.

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